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Tasmanian languages: Quiz


Question 1: The Tasmanian languages, or Palawa languages, were a small language family indigenous to the island of ________.
Western AustraliaTasmaniaVictoria (Australia)Australia

Question 2: ________ proposed an Indo-Pacific superfamily which includes Tasmanian along with Andamanese and Papuan (but not Australian).
Joseph GreenbergAltaic languagesAfroasiatic languagesAustronesian languages

Question 3: The ________ today speak English.
Indigenous AustraliansTasmanian AboriginesAustralian AboriginesTorres Strait Islanders

Question 4: Little is known of the languages and no relationship to other languages are demonstrable, although it has been proposed that they are related to southern ________, mainly based on phonological similarities.
Indigenous Australian languagesTiwi languageGaagudju languageEnindhilyagwa language


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