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Tarxien Temples: Quiz


Question 1: Of particular interest at the temple site is the rich and intricate stonework, which includes depictions of domestic animals carved in relief, ________, and screens decorated with spiral designs and other patterns.
Altar clothGospel (liturgy)BishopAltar

Question 2: At the same time, Sir Themistocles' thorough method in excavating the site paved the way for a new scientific approach to ________.
MiningEngineeringCivil engineeringArchaeology

Question 3: Additionally, evidence of cremation has been found at the center of the South temple, which is an indicator that the site was reused as a ________ cremation cemetery.
Bronze Age BritainBronze AgeDeverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near East

Question 4: The Tarxien Temples (Maltese pronunciation: [ˈtarʃi.ɛn]) are an archaeological complex in Tarxien, ________.
United StatesMaltaCyprusPhilippines

Question 5: At the same time, many of the decorated slabs discovered on site were relocated indoors for protection at the Museum of Arcaelogy in ________.

Question 6: The site was accepted as a ________ in 1980 along with the other Megalithic temples on the island of Malta.
United Nations Human Rights CouncilUniversal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationWorld Heritage Site

Question 7: Excavation of the site reveals that it was used extensively for rituals, which probably involved ________.
Human sacrificeAnimal sacrificeAfterlifeCremation


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