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Question 1: Located on the mouth of the Tarsus Çay (Cydnus), which empties into the Mediterranean Sea, Tarsus is a junction point of land and sea routes connecting the Cilician plain (today called Çukurova), central ________ and the Mediterranean sea.
TurkeyTurkish peopleAnatoliaIstanbul

Question 2: Several Roman emperors were interred here: Marcus Claudius Tacitus, Maximinus, and ________, who planned to move his capital here from Antioch if he returned from his Persian expedition.
Constantine IJulian the ApostateConstantius IIValentinian I

Question 3: By this time Tarsus was already largely influenced by Greek language and culture, and as part of the ________ it became more and more hellenized.
Ptolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatSeleucid EmpireGreco-Bactrian Kingdom

Question 4: ________ (4:30) records its revolt in about 171 BC against Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who had renamed the town Antiochia on the Cydnus.
Psalms1 Maccabees3 Maccabees2 Maccabees

Question 5:
Tarsus (city), Cilicia and Adana are all:
Cilicia Mediterranean Region, Turkey Archaeological sites in Turkey %C3%87ukurova

Question 6: Tarsus has been suggested as a possible identification of the biblical Tarshish, where the prophet ________ wanted to flee, but Tartessos in Spain is a more likely identification for this.

Question 7:
Tarsus (city), Ephesus and Antioch are all:
Seleucid colonies in Anatolia Mersin New Testament cities Crusades

Question 8: ________ passed through with his armies in 333 BC and nearly met his death here after a bath in the Cydnus.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)Ptolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatSeleucid Empire

Question 9: The Roman bridge of ________ over the Berdan River.
Justinian IBasiliscusConstantine IManuel I Komnenos

Question 10: The tomb of the ________, busy place of pilgrimage for Muslims today.
ChristianityQur'anSeven SleepersDecius


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