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Tars Tarkas: Quiz


Question 1: Subsequently, Tars Tarkas will then be portrayed by ________ in the upcoming film John Carter of Mars, scheduled to be released in 2012.
Willem DafoeTim BurtonAcademy Award for Best Supporting ActorRowan Atkinson

Question 2: Tars Tarkas is the very first Barsoomian encountered by John Carter when he appears on ________.
Water on MarsDeimos (moon)MarsPhobos (moon)

Question 3: In the first novel, ________, with the help of the newly arrived earth man John Carter he becomes a Jeddak (king) of the Tharks.
The Chessmen of MarsThe Warlord of MarsA Princess of MarsThe Gods of Mars

Question 4: Tars Tarkas is a fictional character in Edgar Rice Burroughs' ________ series.
John Carter (character)BarsoomSword and planetPlanetary romance


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