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Tarrasque (Dungeons & Dragons): Quiz


Question 1: "The Petit Tarrasque and Other Monsters." Dragon #329 (Paizo Publishing, ________).

Question 2: The Tarrasque was referenced by ________ in their hit real-time strategy title StarCraft: the "hero" version of a very large, very powerful Zerg unit, (the Ultralisk), is named "Torrasque".
Sierra EntertainmentVivendi GamesActivision BlizzardBlizzard Entertainment

Question 3: Neither TSR nor ________ has ever provided a definitive answer.
The DuelistMagic: The GatheringRichard GarfieldWizards of the Coast

Question 4: The tarrasque (pronounced tah-RASK[1]) is a magical beast in the Dungeons & Dragons ________ role-playing game.
NovelFairy taleFantasySpeculative fiction

Question 5: "Worshipers of the Forbidden." Dragon #296 (Paizo Publishing, ________).

Question 6: In the ________ series, the accessory Practical Planetology suggests the tarrasques originate from the planet Falx.
Forgotten RealmsDragonlanceDungeons & DragonsSpelljammer


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