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Question 1: The ________ (RAN) sunk HMAS Torrens on June 14 1999 with a single Mk48 wire guided torpedo fired from the Collins class submarine HMAS Farncomb.
HMAS CreswellRoyal Australian NavyAustralian ArmyAustralian Defence Force

Question 2: In order to meet Environmental and Health & Safety Standards, ships have to be thoroughly cleaned so that all dangerous material and potential contaminants (such as ________, refrigerants etc) are removed.

Question 3: A target ship is a vessel — typically an obsolete or captured ________ — used for naval gunnery practice or for weapons testing.

Question 4: In the wake of the ________ incident (when Greenpeace protested over the sinking of a PB platform in the North Sea), it seemed environmental concerns would prevent future sinkings.
Brent SparBrent oilfieldRoyal Dutch Shell environmental issuesControversies surrounding Royal Dutch Shell

Question 5: The German Deutschland class cruiser, Lützow was refloated by the Soviet navy after her scuttling in 1945 and used as a target in the ________ in 1949.
Baltic SeaBlack SeaArctic OceanNorth Sea

Question 6: This World War II ________ was towed to a sandbar 3.5 miles (5.6 km) off shore in 1944 and was used for bombing practice through the Vietnam War.
Kaiser ShipyardsVictory shipLiberty shipT2 tanker

Question 7: However the sinking of ________ HMS Sirius in 1998, seems to suggest otherwise.
HMS Ajax (F114)Leander class frigateHMS Argonaut (F56)HMS Dido (F104)

Question 8: Whilst practice ________ are fired fairly frequently, they behave differently from warshots.
TorpedoBattleshipNaval mineSubmarine

Question 9: It is now also common practice to remove ________ and sink the warships anonymously, as a mark of respect to those who sailed in them.
Pennant numberTribal class destroyer (1936)Town class destroyerV and W class destroyer

Question 10: In the event of the vessel becoming an ________, escape exits also have to be created in the vessel, should divers encounter problems.
R142A (New York City Subway car)R142 (New York City Subway car)Artificial reefAquaculture


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