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Tar (lute): Quiz


Question 1: It is an essential component of the traditional Azeri ________ trio (see Sazanda).
MugamAzerbaijani peopleAzerbaijani cultureAzerbaijan

Question 2: It has been adopted by other cultures and countries like ________, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and other areas near the Caucasus region.

Question 3: The ________ has twenty-five to twenty-eight adjustable gut frets, and there are three double courses of strings.
Bass guitarFingerboardString instrumentGuitar

Question 4: The body is a double-bowl shape carved from ________ wood, with a thin membrane of stretched lamb-skin covering the top.
Morus nigraMorus albaMorus (plant)Paper Mulberry

Question 5: ________ played it on the original album, and Gaetan Schurrer can be seen[2] playing one on the DVD of the 2006 production.
Ken LoachGeorge FentonThe Wind That Shakes the Barley (film)Dangerous Liaisons

Question 6: This is claimed to be the root of the names of the Persian setar and the ________ as well as less widespread instruments such as the dutar and the Indian sitar.
Classical guitarGuitarElectric guitarBass guitar

Question 7: Its range is about two and one-half octaves, and it is played with a small ________ plectrum.

Question 8: The author of Qabusnama (11th century) recommends that when selecting musical tones (perde), to take into account the temperament of the listener (see ________).
HumorismFour TemperamentsFive TemperamentsKeirsey Temperament Sorter

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