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Taphonomy: Quiz


Question 1: Taphonomists study such phenomena as biostratinomy, ________, diagenesis, and encrustation and bioerosion by sclerobionts.

Question 2: One motivation behind the study of taphonomy is to better understand biases present in the ________ record.
Geologic time scaleGeologyFossilPaleontology

Question 3: By coming to understand the oceanographic and ________ implications of observed taphonomic patterns, paleontologists have been able to provide new and meaningful interpretations and correlations that would have otherwise remained obscure in the fossil record.

Question 4: During the late 20th century, taphonomic data began to be applied to other paleontological subfields such as ________, paleoceanography, ichnology (the study of trace fossils) and biostratigraphy.
Invertebrate paleontologyPaleontologyPaleobiologyGeologic time scale

Question 5: ________ study taphonomic processes in order to determine how plant and animal (as well as human) remains accumulate and differentially preserve within archaeological sites.
EngineeringArchaeologyCivil engineeringMining

Question 6: Bioerosion Website at ________[2]
College of WoosterMacalester CollegeDavidson CollegeAlma College

Question 7: Taphonomy[note 1] is the study of decaying ________ over time and how they become fossilized (if they do).


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