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Taoism: Quiz


Question 1: In Taoism, even beyond Chinese folk religion, various rituals, exercises, and substances are said to positively affect one's physical and mental ________.
HealthNutritionMedicineHealth science

Question 2: The root Chinese word "way, path" is romanized tao in the older Wade–Giles system and dào in the modern ________ system.
ISO/IEC 8859-8ISO/IEC 8859-3PinyinISO/IEC 646

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Taoism have?
Member for Martin
Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
Magnetic North

Question 4: [13] Henri Maspero noted that many scholarly works frame Taoism as a school of thought focused on the quest for ________.

Question 5: [38] Popular Taoism typically presents the ________ as the official head deity.
Jade EmperorGuan YuMount PenglaiEight Immortals

Question 6: Wu wei (simplified Chinese: 无为traditional Chinese: 無爲________: wúwéi) is a central concept in Taoism.
ISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-8PinyinISO/IEC 8859-3

Question 7: In English, the words ________ are the subject of an ongoing controversy over the preferred romanization.
TaoEast Asian religionsBuddhismTaoism

Question 8: [80] In ________, 8.5% of the population identify themselves as Taoist.

Question 9: In ________ 7.5 million people (33% of the population) identify themselves as Taoists.
PhilippinesTaiwanTaiwanese peopleTaiwanese aborigines

Question 10: Men are encouraged to control ________ to preserve this vital energy, but women are encouraged to reach orgasm without restriction.
ErectionSexual intercourseEjaculationMasturbation

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