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Tanzanite: Quiz


Question 1: Tanzanite is the blue/purple variety of the mineral zoisite which was discovered in the Meralani (Merelani) Hills of Northern Tanzania in 1967, near the city of ________.
Arusha RegionArusha National ParkArushaNairobi

Question 2: Shortly thereafter, D'Souza showed the stones to John Saul, a Nairobi-based consulting geologist and gemstone wholesaler who was then mining aquamarine in the region around ________.
Ojos del SaladoMount KilimanjaroMount KenyaK2

Question 3: The exhibition is from the private collection of Michael Scott, the first CEO of ________[5].
Intel CorporationMac OS XMacintoshApple Inc.

Question 4: Correct identification was also made by mineralogists at Harvard, the ________ and Heidelberg University, but the very first person to get the identification right was Ian McCloud, a Tanzanian government geologist based in Dodoma.
British MuseumNational Gallery (London)Victoria and Albert MuseumImperial War Museum

Question 5: In June 2003, the Tanzanian government introduced legislation banning the export of unprocessed tanzanite to ________ (like many gemstones, most tanzanite is cut in Jaipur).
Research and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndia

Question 6: [1][2] It is found mostly in the foothills of ________.
Mount ElbrusMount DamavandMount KilimanjaroMount Kenya

Question 7: He decided that the mineral was ________ (peridot) but quickly realized that it was not, so he took to calling it "dumortierite", a blue non-gem mineral.

Question 8: Tanzanite is noted for its remarkably strong trichroism, appearing alternately sapphire blue, violet, and burgundy depending on ________ orientation.
Crystal structureSolidCrystalCarbon


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