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Question 1: Sovereignty over the area has not been officially renounced by the ________, based on the island of Taiwan since 1949.
People's Republic of ChinaRepublic of ChinaVietnamPhilippines

Question 2: It then came under the dominion of the ________ in China (1279-1368), and with the fall of the Yuan it was controlled by the Oirots (western Mongolians, also known as Zungars until the end of the 16th and early 17th centuries.
Mongol EmpireGolden HordeChagatai KhanateYuan Dynasty

Question 3: Currently, the realms of Tuva largely corresponds to the Tuva Republic of the Russian Federation, with the remaining spreading in the modern state of ________ and the rest of Russia.
Ulan BatorMongoliaKazakhstanAzerbaijan

Question 4: The ________ established its dominion over Mongolia as a result of intervening in a war between the Oirots and the Khalkhas, the dominant tribe in the eastern half of Mongolia.
Ming DynastyQing DynastyYuan DynastyChina

Question 5: Tannu Uriankhai (Traditional Chinese: 唐努烏梁海; Simplified Chinese: 唐努乌梁海; Hanyu Pinyin: Tángnǔ Wūliánghǎi) is a historical region largely identical with today's ________.
KhakassiaSakha RepublicTuvaAltai Republic


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