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Tannin: Quiz


Question 1:
Tannin, Vintage and Sommelier are all:
Oenology Astringent flavors Wine terms Nutrition

Question 2: Botanically, tannins are mainly physically located in the ________ or surface wax of plants.
Cell (biology)Endomembrane systemCell wallVacuole

Question 3: ________ bark has traditionally been the primary source of tannery tannin, though inorganic tanning agents are also in use today.
EuropeEnglandOakUnited States

Question 4: [35] This is because tannins are metal ion ________, and tannin-chelated metal ions are not bioavailable.
Lipoic acidChelationChelation therapyEDTA

Question 5: Some ________ are highly astringent and therefore inedible when they are not extremely ripe (specifically the Korean, American, and Hachiya or Japanese).
Japanese persimmonPhoenix dactyliferaDiospyrosPersimmon

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  Tannin powder (mixture of compounds).
  Strawberries in a bowl
  Darjeeling tea infusion

Question 7: inhibited HIV replication in infected H9 ________ with little cytotoxicity.
LymphocyteImmune systemThymocyteAdaptive immune system

Question 8: They are commonly found in both gymnosperms as well as ________.
EmbryophytePlantFlowering plantFern

Question 9: Tannins have ________ ranging from 500 to over 3,000.
Atomic massDeuteriumHydrogenMolecular mass

Question 10: The anti-inflammatory effect of tannins help control all indications of ________, esophagitis, enteritis, and irritating bowel disorders.

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