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Question 1: A few further changes to Tannhäuser were made for an 1875 performance of the opera in ________, carried out under Wagner's supervision.

Question 2: Wagner also drew material from ________'s story The Singer's Contest and Ludwig Tieck's 1799 story Faithful Eckhart and Tannhäuser.
Johann Wolfgang von GoetheE. T. A. HoffmannFrédéric ChopinRichard Wagner

Question 3: ________ had provided Wagner with the inspiration for Der fliegende Holländer and Wagner drew on the same source for the plot of Tannhäuser.
Richard WagnerFelix MendelssohnGermanyHeinrich Heine

Question 4: Wagner wrote the prose draft of Tannhäuser between June and July 1842 and the ________ in April 1843.

Question 5: [4] Tannhäuser was not the success that ________ had been, and Wagner almost immediately set to modifying the ending, tinkering with the score through 1846 and 1847.
Richard WagnerTristan und IsoldeTannhäuser (opera)Rienzi

Question 6: [3] Venus was created by Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient, and the title role was taken by ________.
Josef TichatschekKarl FormesJohanna Jachmann-WagnerAlbert Niemann (tenor)

Question 7: ________: 25 November 1854, Theatre of the Estates

Question 8: ________: 1872, Teatro Communale, first performance in Italy (conductor Angelo Mariani)

Question 9: Wagner also makes use of the ________, another commonplace of French opera.
HarpEnglandUnited KingdomIreland

Question 10: London: 6 May 1876, Covent Garden, first performance in ________
WalesUnited KingdomScotlandEngland


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