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Tanna japonensis: Quiz


Question 1: In addition, the intra-abdominal cavity of the male is more developed, giving it a more ________ call.
ResonatorQ factorResonanceMechanical resonance

Question 2: The body is coloured reddish-brown with green around the ________ and in the centre and back of the thorax; mountain dwelling specimens tend to be darker.
Nervous systemSensory systemEyeBrain

Question 3: Though once listed on the ________, they are no longer thought to be endangered.
ExtinctionEndangered speciesIUCN Red ListConservation status

Question 4: It is distributed throughout ________, and is most common in Japan.
Central AsiaFar EastSoutheast AsiaEast Asia

Question 5: ________ (ひぐらしのなく頃に ?, lit.
Higurashi no Naku Koro niSchool Days (visual novel)Higurashi DaybreakUmineko no Naku Koro ni

Question 6: They live in the cypress, ________ and hardwood forests, from the mountainous regions in Hokkaido to the plains of northern Kyūshū, and even in Southern Kyūshū they can be found in slightly higher mountain elevations.
PinophytaFirCedarCedrus libani

Question 7: Tanna japonensis, also called higurashi (蜩, 茅蜩, ひぐらし ?), is a species of ________, a family of insects, and a member of the genus Tanna.
CicadaJapanUnited StatesAustralia

Question 8: When the ________ Cry), a Japanese murder mystery dōjin soft sound novel series
AustraliaInsectUnited StatesCicada

Question 9: Its ________ name is derived from the character for Miscanthus, a type of reed that it inhabits.
Radical 51KanjiRadical 213Radical 102

Question 10: This variant is found in Ishigaki, an island in ________.
JapanYamanashi PrefectureOkinawa PrefectureRyukyu Islands


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