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Tanks in the Spanish Army: Quiz


Question 1: [10] On 13 March 1922, six FT-17s were unloaded at ________, as well.

Question 2: [51] Spain's six Schneider CA1 assault tanks were put into service with the Republican Army, and saw combat around ________ before and during the Siege of Madrid, and during the Siege of the Alcázar in Toledo.

Question 3: Spain's Second Republic received tanks from the ________, many of which were captured by the Nationalists and pressed into service against their former masters, while the Nationalists were aided by the Germans and Italians.
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinRussiaEast Germany

Question 4: [164] Throughout the 1960s, the Spanish government had approached the governments of France and Germany, hoping to procure either the ________ or the Leopard 1, respectively.
T-72AMX-30Leopard 2M1 Abrams

Question 5: The other three tanks were issued to the Milan Infantry Regiment, in ________, where they continued testing.

Question 6: The Spanish army's interest in the tank began after the end of the World War I, when a formal petition for one ________ light tank was made to the French government on 28 October 1918.
Renault FT-17Renault R35Char 2CPanzer 35(t)

Question 7: [62] These were put into combat as early as 26 October, under the leadership of Soviet Lieutenant Colonel ________, south of Madrid.
World War IIIvan KonevGeorgy ZhukovSemyon Krivoshein

Question 8: [189] The program included the procurement and integration of a Spanish derivative of the German Leopard 2, known as the ________ into the Spanish Army.
Lince (tank)Leopard 2EM1 AbramsAMX-30E

Question 9: In 1953, the United States and Spain signed a military aid program agreement which led to the supply of ________ and M48 Patton tanks.
M60 PattonM1 AbramsM46 PattonM47 Patton

Question 10: Tanks such as the Panzer I and T-26 were obsolete, as compared to newer tanks such as the Soviet T-34 and German ________.
Panzer IVPanther tankTiger ITiger II


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