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Question 1: According to ________, Shiva’s Tandava is a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.
Hindu mythologyTrimurtiHindu mythological warsVishnu

Question 2: The ________ talks of Krishna dancing his Tandava on the head of the serpent Kaliya [9].
Bhagavad GitaBhagavata PuranaGaruda PuranaAgni Purana

Question 3: Tāṇḍava or Tāṇḍava nṛtya, the divine art form, is a dance performed by the Hindu god ________.

Question 4: In Indian tradition, Lord Shiva as ________ (lit.
Bhagavad GitaParvatiNatarajaGanesha

Question 5: [2] Indeed, the classical arts of dance, music and song may derive from the mudras and rituals of ________ tradition.
VaishnavismHindu denominationsShaktismShaivism

Question 6: The Tandava takes its name from Tandu, the attendant of Shiva, who instructed Bharata (author of the ________) in the use of Angaharas and Karanas, modes of the Tandava at Shiva's order.
Natya ShastraNātyakalpadrumamRasa (aesthetics)Hindustani classical music


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