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Tanakh: Quiz


Question 1: In the Jewish version, Ketuvim consists of 11 books, counting ________ and Nehemiah as one book and I and II Chronicles as a single book.

Question 2:
Tanakh, Leviathan and Gabriel are all:
Hebrew Bible Bible All pages needing cleanup Jewish texts

Question 3: The implication of the ________ indicates that the books themselves were already accepted canon, but may have been misunderstood on philosophical or ecclesiastical grounds.
MidrashJewish philosophyRabbinic literatureTalmud

Question 4: The chapter divisions often reflect Christian ________ of the Bible.

Question 5: The ________ was edited under Paul E. Kahle as the Biblia Hebraica (BHK), published in Stuttgart, in 1937.
Leningrad CodexBiblia Hebraica StuttgartensiaPsalmsTanakh

Question 6: See the article on ________ for details of how members of these groups understand this concept.
JudaismBibleRevelationBiblical canon

Question 7: The Soncino edition was printed in 1527 in ________.

Question 8: The Hebrew text was originally an ________: consonants written with some applied vowel letters ("matres lectionis").
Arabic alphabetAbjadGreek alphabetHebrew alphabet

Question 9: ________, the formal list of all 613 commandments that Jewish sages traditionally identify in the Torah
Jewish holidayJewish ethics613 MitzvotKaraite Judaism

Question 10: TanakhML (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia and ________)
Authorized King James VersionRevised Standard VersionGeneva BibleDouay-Rheims Bible


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