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Tamper resistance: Quiz


Question 1: In the US, the ________ prevents manufacturers from voiding warranties solely due to tampering.
WashingtonUnited States antitrust lawWarren MagnusonMagnuson–Moss Warranty Act

Question 2: Add ________ features to help indicate the existence of tampering.
Cryptographic hash functionCryptographyPackaging and labelingTamper-evident

Question 3: Often multiple levels of ________ need to be addressed to reduce the risk of tampering.
Computer securitySecurityAirport securityInformation security

Question 4: Tamper resistance finds application in smart cards, set-top boxes and other devices that use ________.
Free Software FoundationFree software licenceDigital rights managementCopyleft

Question 5: ________ seals may be enough to deal with this.
CryptographyTamper-evidentPackaging and labelingCryptographic hash function

Question 6: Resistance to tampering can be built in or added to ________.
Packaging and labelingRecyclingPlasticLabel

Question 7: In some applications, devices are only ________ rather than tamper-resistant.
CryptographyTamper-evidentPackaging and labelingCryptographic hash function

Question 8: Examples of tamper-resistant chips include all secure cryptoprocessors, such as the IBM 4758 and chips used in ________, as well as the Clipper chip.
Contactless smart cardSmart cardIdentity documentRadio-frequency identification

Question 9: Tamper-resistant ________ are used to store and process private or sensitive information, such as private keys or electronic money credit.
Microprocessor64-bitCentral processing unitReduced instruction set computer

Question 10: Sometimes (especially in order to avoid ________), manufacturers go further and use tamper-resistant screws, which cannot be unfastened with standard equipment.
AnswerClass actionDefault judgmentLawsuit


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