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Question 1: The stadium is most closely associated with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ________ franchise, which played all of their home games in the stadium from 1976 through 1997.
National Football League2009 NFL seasonThanksgiving ClassicAmerican Football League

Question 2: ________ proceeded soon after the Tampa Bay Mutiny's final home game in September 1998.
Tampa StadiumDemolitionConstructionNew Haven, Connecticut

Question 3: The stadium was later dubbed "The Big Sombrero" by ESPN's ________ for the Mexican undulating hat or wave-like shape created along the top of the stadium by this expansion project.
Erin AndrewsPeter GammonsBonnie BernsteinChris Berman

Question 4: 1979 NFC Championship, January 6, 1980 (________ 9, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0)
Super Bowl XXXIVSt. Louis RamsMarshall Faulk2009 St. Louis Rams season

Question 5: In preparation for hosting its first ________ in 1983, Tampa Stadium's press boxes were updated and a large suite of luxury boxes was added atop the opposite bleachers.
NFL on televisionAmerican Football LeagueSuper BowlNational Football League

Question 6: To accommodate these demands, the community raised the local sales tax and built ________ just south of Tampa Stadium in 1997-98 [13].
Sun Life StadiumJacksonville Municipal StadiumGeorgia DomeRaymond James Stadium

Question 7: It was demolished following the construction of ________ (sometimes referred to as "The New Sombrero" despite its unsombrero-like design [1]) which opened in 1998.
Raymond James StadiumJacksonville Municipal StadiumSun Life StadiumGeorgia Dome

Question 8: Super Bowl XXV, January 27, 1991 (New York Giants 20, ________ 19)
Buffalo Bills2009 Buffalo Bills seasonAFC East2010 Buffalo Bills season

Question 9: November 1979 - The Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers game is the first game announced by ________ and John Madden together.
Pat SummerallJack YoungbloodRick BarryDeacon Jones

Question 10: The franchise continued this practice when it moved to ________ next door a year later.
Sun Life StadiumRaymond James StadiumGeorgia DomeJacksonville Municipal Stadium

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