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Tamil literature: Quiz


Question 1: Contributors to the Tamil literature are mainly from Tamil people from Tamil Nadu, Sri Lankan Tamils from ________, and from Tamil diaspora.
Sri LankaPakistanMalaysiaMaldives

Question 2: Tolkappiyam is not merely a textbook on Tamil ________ giving the inflection and syntax of words and sentences but also includes classification of habitats, animals, plants and human beings.
GrammarGenerative grammarLanguage educationLinguistics

Question 3: ________'s conquests did not impact on the Tamil land and the people were able to indulge in literary pursuits.
SarnathAshoka the GreatBuddhismGreco-Buddhism

Question 4: Of the books on the Buddhist and the ________ faiths, the most noteworthy is the Jivaka-chintamani by the Jain ascetic Thirutakkadevar composed in the tenth century.
HinduismJainismJain philosophyIndian religions

Question 5: The Tamil country was invaded by the armies of the ________ and defeated the Pandya kingdom.
Pala EmpireHarshaDelhi SultanateMahajanapadas

Question 6: The religious canons of ________ and Vaishnava sects were beginning to be systematically collected and categorised.
VaishnavismShaktismHindu denominationsShaivism

Question 7: Tirumalisai Alwar who was a contemporary of the ________ Mahendravarman I wrote such works as Naanmugantiruvadiandadi.
Satavahana dynastyPallavaChola DynastyChalukya dynasty

Question 8: The great Vaishnava leader Ramanuja lived during the reigns of Athirajendra Chola and ________, and had to face religious persecution from the Cholas who belonged to the Saiva sect.
Rajendra Chola ILater CholasChola DynastyKulothunga Chola I

Question 9: A number of words and concepts relating to ________, philosophy and religion were mutually borrowed and exchanged between the languages.

Question 10: Tolkappiyam divided into three chapters: orthography, ________ and subject matter (Porul).
LinguisticsHistorical linguisticsEtymologyMorphology (linguistics)

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