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Tamil grammar: Quiz


Question 1: Traditional grammarians tried to group the various suffixes into 8 cases corresponding to the cases used in ________.

Question 2: Tamil suffixes can be derivational suffixes, which either change the part of speech of the word or its meaning, or ________ suffixes, which mark categories such as person, number, mood, tense, etc.
Polish languageBulgarian languageInflectionGrammatical gender

Question 3: ________ and deities are classified as "rational", and all other nouns (animals, objects, abstract nouns) are classified as irrational.
HumanHomoHuman evolutionMind

Question 4: Tamil does not distinguish between ________ and adverbs - both fall under the category uriccol.
GerundNounAdjectivePreposition and postposition

Question 5: The plural form for rational nouns may be used as an ________, gender-neutral, singular form.
Telugu languageMister (Mr.)HonorificTamil language

Question 6: Tamil words consist of a lexical root to which one or more ________ are attached.
InflectionAffixSimulfixHalkomelem language

Question 7: Suffixes are also used to perform the functions of cases or ________.
InfinitivePreposition and postpositionCopula (linguistics)Noun

Question 8: In a standard sentence, therefore, the order is usually ________ (SOV) though Object Subject Verb is also not uncommon.
Word orderSubject Object VerbAgglutinative languageSubject Verb Object


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