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Talk show: Quiz


Question 1: ________ was the first host of The Tonight Show, which began as a local New York show, being picked up by the NBC network in 1954.
Johnny CarsonThe Steve Allen ShowSteve AllenJack Paar

Question 2: The show began in 1951 on WJZ-TV (later ________) and moved to WOR-TV (later WWOR-TV) from 1962 to 1993.

Question 3: TV news pioneer ________ hosted a talk show entitled Small World in the late 1950s and since then, political TV talk shows have predominantly aired on Sunday mornings.
NewspaperMedia biasEdward R. MurrowDefamation

Question 4: Syndicated daily talk shows began to gain more popularity during the mid-1970s and reached their height of with the rise of the ________.
Tabloid talk showGeraldo RiveraOprah WinfreyThe Jerry Springer Show

Question 5: A talk show (American and ________) or chat show (British) is a television or radio program where one person (or group of people) will discuss various topics put forth by a talk show host.
New Zealand EnglishEnglish languageAustralian EnglishSouth African English

Question 6: The tabloid talk show genre, pioneered by Phil Donahue but popularized by ________ was extremely popular during the last two decades of the 20th century.
Rosie O'DonnellThe Oprah Winfrey ShowOprah WinfreyBill Clinton

Question 7: Current late night talk shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and ________ have aired for years, featuring celebrity guests and comedy sketches.
The Colbert ReportLate Show with David LettermanThe Late Late Show with Craig FergusonSaturday Night Live

Question 8: Talk-radio host ________ also hosted a talk show that was syndicated nationally, then moved to satellite radio's Sirius.
The Howard Stern ShowHoward Stern television showsPrivate Parts (1997 film)Howard Stern

Question 9: Talk shows have been broadcast on ________ since the earliest days of the medium.
VideoTelevisionMechanical televisionClosed captioning

Question 10: Ireland's The Late Late Show is the world's longest running talk show[2][3]; although The Tonight Show is equally as old, it has changed formats and titles since its beginnings in ________.

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