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Taliesin: Quiz


Question 1: Ceridwen sought to give him the gift of wisdom as compensation and cooked a potion granting ________ inspiration (Awen), which had to be constantly stirred and cooked for a year and a day.

Question 2: A few years later, when Taliesin turned thirteen, Elffin was at the court of King ________, claiming Taliesin was a better bard and that his wife a better woman than anyone the king had in his court.
VortiporiusWalesMaelgwn GwyneddManaw Gododdin

Question 3: It is elaborated upon in modern English poetry, such as Tennyson's ________ and Charles Williams's Taliessin Through Logres.
Idylls of the KingThe Lady of ShalottKing ArthurCamelot

Question 4: In it he is said to have been educated in the school of Catwg, at Llanfeithin, in Glamorgan, Wales, which the historian ________ also attended.
CadocDe Excidio et Conquestu BritanniaeGildasKing Arthur

Question 5: Less is known regarding the battle at Gwen Ystrad, but some have hypothesised that it occurred at Menao, ________ about the year 560.
Scandinavian YorkNorthumbriaEric BloodaxeAmlaíb Cuarán

Question 6: But once introduced to the court of the warrior-chief, Taliesin became his foremost ________, followed him in his wars, and wrote of his victories.
DruidWelsh mythologyCeltic polytheismBard

Question 7: Surprised at the whiteness of the boy's brow, he exclaimed "dyma Dal Iesin", meaning "this is a radiant brow." Taliesin, thus named, began to recite beautiful ________, saying:
PoetryLiteratureNovelLyric poetry

Question 8: According to legend, Taliesin was adopted as a child by Elffin, the son of Gwyddno Garanhir, and prophesied the death of ________ from the Yellow Plague.
VortiporiusWalesMaelgwn GwyneddManaw Gododdin

Question 9: The baby was found by Elffin, the son of Gwyddno Garanhir, 'Lord of ________', while fishing for salmon.
CeredigionLampeterAberystwythLlanfihangel y Creuddyn

Question 10: Taliesin was a renowned ________ who is believed to have sung at the courts of at least three Celtic British kings.
Welsh mythologyDruidBardCeltic polytheism

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