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Taliban insurgency: Quiz


Question 1:
Where did Taliban insurgency take place?
off Point Pedro, Jaffna
Castiglione delle Stiviere, present-day Italy
Southern Afghanistan

Question 2:
Who was a commander in the Taliban insurgency?
Air Vice-Marshal S J Hillier
CSM Angel J. Ramos
J.S. Irvine
William J. Fallon,, Dan McNeill,

Question 3:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Taliban insurgency?
Islamic Unification Movement
Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine
Islamic Armed Movement
, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan,

Question 4: August 15: 2009 NATO Afghanistan headquarters bombing, A suicide car bomb explodes outside NATO headquarters in ________, killing at least seven and wounding almost 100.

Question 5:
How many casualties were there in the Taliban insurgency?
4 wounded
1 killed

Question 6: In April 2007, Karzai admitted that he spoke to the ________ to bring about peace in Afghanistan.
TalibanAl-QaedaIslamic terrorismAbu Sayyaf

Question 7: ________ is closely associated with their activity.
Islamic terrorismTalibanAl-QaedaOsama bin Laden

Question 8:
When was the Taliban insurgency?
Fall 1632 u2013 Spring 1634
Winter-Spring?, 552 BC
Spring 2005– present
Spring 1980 - February 1986

Question 9:
What was Taliban insurgency a part of?

Question 10: ________
2004 in Afghanistan2003 in AfghanistanWar in Afghanistan (2001–present)List of civilian casualties of the War in Afghanistan (2001–present)


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