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Question 1: The talent (Latin: talentum, from ________: τάλαντον "scale, balance") was one of several ancient units of mass, as well as corresponding units of value equivalent to these masses of a precious metal.
Aeolic GreekDoric GreekAttic GreekAncient Greek

Question 2: The talent as a unit of value is mentioned in the New Testament in ________'s parable of the talents.
JesusGospelNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeApostle (Christian)

Question 3: The ________, Sumerians, and Hebrews divided a talent into 60 mina, each of which was subdivided into 60 shekels.
Akkadian EmpireMesopotamiaAssyriaBabylonia

Question 4: [7] Hellenistic mercenaries were commonly paid one ________ per day of military service.
French francGreek drachmaSpanish pesetaDeutsche Mark

Question 5: [6] During the ________, an Attic talent was the amount of silver that would pay a month's wages of a trireme crew.
Corinthian WarPeloponnesian WarClassical AthensGreco-Persian Wars


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