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Talakad: Quiz


Question 1: [5] In honour of these five ________ temples, a fair is held once every 12 years called Panchalinga Darshana, last held in 2006.

Question 2: Now it is a scenic and spiritual ________ center.
Gaya, IndiaPilgrimageChristian pilgrimageBuddhist pilgrimage

Question 3: [1] Among the temples of Talakad, the Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara and Mallikarjuna temples, the five ________ believed to represent the five faces of Shiva, form the Pancha pathi and have become famous.
Swami VivekanandaAumHinduismLingam

Question 4: He built the impressive Vijayanarayana ________ at Belur.
Hoysala architectureHoysala EmpireVijayanagara EmpireChennakesava Temple

Question 5: The Hoysala ruler, Vishnuvardhana, conquered the ________ and Talakad.
Medieval Kannada literatureKannada literatureWestern Ganga DynastyKarnataka

Question 6: The illustrious and powerful Western Gangas ruled from 350 to 1050 AD until they were overthrown by the ________ in the 11th century.
Gupta EmpirePala EmpireMaurya EmpireChola Dynasty

Question 7: It is 45 km from Mysore and 185 km from ________ in Karnataka, India.
KrishnarajapuraBangaloreBengaluru PeteBugle Rock

Question 8: [1] Talakad came under the ________ in the 12th century, followed by the powerful Vijayanagara Kingdom rulers and the Maharajas of Mysore.
Rashtrakuta DynastyHoysala EmpireWestern Chalukya EmpireWestern Ganga Dynasty

Question 9: Talakad is also tagged to the curse called “Curse of Talakad” by Alamelamma on the Wodeyar dynasty (erstwhile ________) of Mysore[8].
MalaysiaMaharajaPrincely stateIndia

Question 10: Talakad(also known as Talakadu) (Kannada: ತಲಕಾಡು) is a town on the left bank of the ________ at a spot where the river makes a sharp bend.
SrirangapatnaKaveri RiverGrand AnicutHogenakkal Falls


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