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Takin: Quiz


Question 1: The Takin (IPA: /ˈtɑkɪn/) (Budorcas taxicolor) is a goat-antelope found in the Eastern ________.
Hindu KushHimalayasWestern GhatsDeccan Plateau

Question 2: [3] They have been likened to a "bee-stung ________", because of the swollen appearance of the face.
MooseMountain goatReindeerElk

Question 3: Takin are found in ________ forests at altitudes of 2,000 to 4,000 metres (6,600 to 13,000 ft), where they eat grass, buds and leaves.

Question 4: Mitochondrial research[2] shows that takin are related to sheep, its similarity to the muskox being an example of ________.
CountershadingParallel evolutionConvergent evolutionBird

Question 5: The Takin, specifically the Golden Takin may be the source and inspiration of the ________ in Greek mythology.
MedeaJasonArgonautsGolden Fleece


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