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Takfir: Quiz


Question 1: One of the earliest examples of takfir was practiced by the first Caliph, ________.
Abu Ubaidah ibn al JarrahSalman the PersianAbu BakrUthman ibn Affan

Question 2: The Mu'tazilites (followed by the ________) advocated what they saw as a middle way, whereby grave sinners were categorized neither as believers nor as kafirs.
AliShia IslamImamah (Shi'a doctrine)Zaidiyyah

Question 3: Maudoodi's article on takfir (by ________)
Jamaat-e-IslamiZia-ul-Haq's IslamizationAbul Ala MaududiUbaidullah Sindhi

Question 4: In Islamic law, takfir or takfeer (تكفير) refers to ________, or the practice of declaring oneself an unbeliever or kafir (pl.
Islam and antisemitismDhimmiApostasy in IslamIslamic terrorism

Question 5: This is taken as emphasizing that the state of being ________ is rejection of Islam itself, and that a return to Islam is sufficient to end the status.
CaliphateIslamismIslamic terrorismKafir

Question 6: The sentence for apostasy (irtidad), under ________ law as traditionally interpreted, is execution, alternate amputation, or expulsion.
ShariaIslamic ethicsFiqhIslam

Question 7: An extreme case is exemplified by the early ________, some of whom concluded that any Muslim who sinned ceased to be a Muslim, while others concluded that any major sin could cause that.
Muslim historyCaliphateKharijitesIslam

Question 8: It also should be mentioned that ________ said these words at the time when people were trying to add new practices to Islam.
Uthman ibn AffanAbu Ubaidah ibn al JarrahAliAbu Bakr

Question 9: Poor-due (________) is a levy on wealth and, by God, I will fight him who differentiates between the prayer and poor-due."[2]
Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)SalahZakatIslamic holy books

Question 10: ________ asserted: 'Revelation has been discontinued, the Shari'ah has been completed: will the religion be curtailed while I am alive.’ And then he added, "I will fight these tribes even if they refuse to give a halter.
Abu BakrAbu Ubaidah ibn al JarrahUthman ibn AffanSalman the Persian

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