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Tag team: Quiz


Question 1: ________, of the tag team Rock 'N Roll Express, would often play the "face in peril", who got beaten up in the ring while his partner Robert Gibson, looked on helplessly.
Ricky MortonShane DouglasBarry WindhamThe Rock 'n' Roll Express

Question 2: A "bookend" tag team is a (usually derogatory) term for a tag team where the members look and/or dress alike (e.g., The Killer Bees, the ________, the Hart Foundation, etc.).
British BulldogsDynamite KidDavey Boy SmithHulk Hogan

Question 3: In ________, the basic tag team match is referred to as Lucha de Parejas (Doubles Fight), a six-man match as a Lucha de Trios, and an eight-man match as a Lucha Atómica (Atomic Fight).
Professional wrestlingConsejo Mundial de Lucha LibreLucha libreEl Hijo del Santo

Question 4: Given the nature of pro wrestling, the "rules" are seldom adhered to and exist as part of ________, the suspension of disbelief required for pro wrestling to work as entertainment.
Shawn MichaelsKayfabeAdam CopelandThe Undertaker

Question 5: In ________, a tag team consists of two wrestlers who are working together as a team (more than two is called a stable).
World Wrestling EntertainmentNational Wrestling AllianceProfessional wrestlingGlobal Professional Wrestling Alliance


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