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Question 1: This triple structure is similar to the ________ model for information.
Resource Description FrameworkWeb Ontology LanguageHTMLRDF Schema

Question 2: [2] The success of Flickr and the influence of Delicious popularized the concept,[3] and other social software websites – such as YouTube, Technorati, and ________ – also implemented tagging.

Question 3: A syntax for use within ________ is to use the rel attribute value "tag" (i.e., rel="tag") to indicate that the linked-to page acts as a tag for the current context.
ECMAScriptOpenDocumentHTMLPortable Document Format

Question 4: Tagging systems open to the public are also open to tag spam, in which people apply an excessive number of tags or unrelated tags to an item (such as a ________ video) in order to attract viewers.
Google searchYouTubeGoogleGoogle Videos

Question 5: For example, "geo:long=50.123456" is a tag for the geographical ________ coordinate whose value is 50.123456.
RWMHBG (time signal)LongitudeDCF77

Question 6: Each of those tags is usually a ________ leading to an index page listing all of the posts associated with that tag.
HyperlinkUniform Resource LocatorURI schemeHypermedia

Question 7: Websites that include tags often display collections of tags as ________.
Tag (metadata)BlogTag cloudLibraryThing

Question 8: [1] ________ allowed its users to add free-form tags to each of their pictures, constructing flexible and easy metadata that made the pictures highly searchable.
Yahoo! VideoYahoo! WidgetsYahoo! SearchFlickr

Question 9: [14] Once such stable distributions form, simple vocabularies can be extracted by examining the ________ that form between different tags.
Correlation and dependencePearson product-moment correlation coefficientVarianceNormal distribution

Question 10: This kind of ________ helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching.
MetadataOntology (information science)Data modelObject-oriented programming

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