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Tafsir: Quiz


Question 1: ________:
Tafsir ibn Kathir (~1370)
Tafsir al-Qurtubi (~1273)
Tafsir al-Tabari (~922)
Tafsir al-Jalalayn
between (1460-1505)
RashidunIslamic schools and branchesSunni IslamAli

Question 2: Although the author was a Mālikī, he also presents the legal opinions of other major schools of Islamic jurisprudence; thus it is popular with jurists from all of the schools of ________ law.
Islamic schools and branchesMosqueMuslim historyIslam

Question 3: In this respect, its method is different from the conventional ________ of the Qur’an, called tafsir.

Question 4: Ismā'īl Haqqī al-Bursawī: Rūḥ al-Bayān - the ten-volume Arabic work by the founder of the Hakkiyye Jelveti ________ Order.
SufismTariqahDhikrMoinuddin Chishti

Question 5: While certain ________ — the hadith qudsi — are thought to reflect non canonical words spoken by God to Muhammad, Muslims do not consider these to form any part of the Qur'an.
Sunni IslamHadithIslamic schools and branchesSharia

Question 6: ~ 541 or 546 AH), a ________ judge from al-Andalus.
Islamic schools and branchesMalikiShariaFiqh

Question 7: Esoteric interpretations are found mainly in ________ and in the sayings (hadiths) of Shi'a Imams and the teachings of the Isma'ili sect.
SufismTariqahMoinuddin ChishtiDhikr

Question 8: Philosophic approach: The philosophers try to fit the verses on the principles of ________ (that was divided into four branches: Mathematics, natural science, divinity and practical subjects including civics).
Ancient Greek philosophyAncient philosophyHellenistic philosophyAristotle

Question 9: In ________ it is often published with marginal notes by an Turkish Sheikh called 'al-Qunawī' in seven volumes.
CroatiaCyprusTurkeyTurkish people

Question 10: A hadith from ________ which states that the Qur’an has an inner meaning, and that this inner meaning conceals a yet deeper inner meaning, and so on (up to seven levels of meaning), has sometimes been used in support of this view.


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