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Question 1: A taco can be made with a variety of fillings, including ________, chicken, seafood, vegetables and cheese, allowing for great versatility and variety.
CattleBeefTaboo food and drinkMeat

Question 2: "Mulita" is used to describe these types of sandwiched tacos in the Northern States of Mexico, while they are known as ________ in the Mexican south and are prepared using wheat flour tortillas.
Latin AmericaBrazilNicaraguaGringo

Question 3: There is anthropological evidence that the indigenous people living in the lake region of the ________ traditionally ate tacos filled with small fish.
AztecValley of MexicoMexico CityLake Texcoco

Question 4: They are sometimes cooked in a microwave oven or ________.
BarbecueSmoking (cooking)CookingGrilling

Question 5: Kits are available at grocery and ________ and usually consist of taco shells (corn tortillas already fried in a U-shape), seasoning mix and taco sauce.
Convenience storeSheetzWawa (convenience store)7-Eleven

Question 6: Each type is served on two overlapped small ________ and sometimes garnished with guacamole, salsa, onions, and cilantro.
ArepaTortillaPitaRoti canai

Question 7: Tacos de camarones ("shrimp tacos") also originated in ________ in Mexico.
ChihuahuaBaja CaliforniaBaja California SurQuerétaro

Question 8: A taco (pronounced /ˈtɑːkoʊ/) is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat ________ folded or rolled around a filling.
TortillaPitaRoti canaiArepa

Question 9: Tacos de Asador ("spit" or "grill" tacos) may be composed of any of the following: carne asada tacos; tacos de tripita ("tripe tacos"), grilled until crisp; and, ________ asado (traditional Spanish style sausage).
Portuguese languagePortugalPortuguese cuisineChorizo

Question 10: [13] In this context, soft tacos are tacos made with ________ flour tortillas and filled with the same ingredients as a hard taco.

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