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Tacitus: Quiz


Question 1:
When is Tacitus's birthday?
ca. AD 70
ca. 1898
ca. AD 56
ca. 1510?

Question 2: Tacitus' skill with written Latin is unsurpassed; no other author is considered his equal, except perhaps for ________.
Julius CaesarMark AntonyCiceroPompey

Question 3:
Which of the following fields did Tacitus pursue?

Question 4:
When did Tacitus die?
ca. 858
ca. 117
ca. 1908
ca 2002

Question 5: From his seat in the Senate he became suffect consul in 97 during the reign of ________, being the first of his family to do so.

Question 6: ________: Tacitus' critique of "model state" philosophies.
The Republic (Plato)Timaeus (dialogue)Laws (dialogue)Symposium (Plato)

Question 7: ________ had a long and distinguished heritage in classical literature, and the Germania fits squarely within the tradition established by authors from Herodotus to Julius Caesar.
EthnographySociologySocial anthropologyAnthropology

Question 8: An author writing in the latter part of the ________, his work is distinguished by a boldness and sharpness of wit, and a compact and sometimes unconventional use of Latin.
Vulgar LatinLate LatinOld LatinClassical Latin

Question 9: He read collections of emperors' speeches, such as Tiberius and ________.

Question 10: Tacitus owes the most, both in language and in method, to Sallust; ________ is the later historian whose work most closely approaches him in style.
Constantius IISassanid EmpireJulian the ApostateAmmianus Marcellinus


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