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Tabulate coral: Quiz


Question 1: They finally became extinct in the ________.
Permian–Triassic extinction eventGeologic time scaleCarboniferousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction event

Question 2: They are almost always colonial, forming colonies of individual hexagonal cells known as corallites defined by a skeleton of ________, similar in appearance to a honeycomb.
AragoniteCarbonCalcium carbonateCalcite

Question 3: Among the most common tabulate corals in the ________ record are Chaetetes, Favosites, Halysites, Heliolites, Pleurodictyum, Sarcinula and Syringopora.
PaleontologyGeologyFossilGeologic time scale

Question 4: With Stromatoporoidea and rugose corals, the tabulate corals are characteristic of the shallow waters of the Silurian and ________.
CarboniferousGeologic time scaleLate Devonian extinctionDevonian

Question 5: The tabulate corals, forming the order Tabulata, are an extinct form of ________.
GorgonianCoralCoral reefScleractinia

Question 6: Like rugose corals, they lived entirely during the Paleozoic, being found from the ________ to the Permian.
Geologic time scaleOrdovicianSilurianCarboniferous


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