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Question 1: He taught that the essence of God can never be known by his creature even in the next life, but that his uncreated energies or operations can be known both in this life and in the next and convey to the Hesychast in this life and to the righteous in the next life a true spiritual knowledge of God (________).
HesychasmTheoriaPraxis (Eastern Orthodoxy)Orthodox Church

Question 2: The doctrine was finally formulated in the 14th century by ________, an Athonite monk, defending the mystical practices of Hesychasm against accusations of heresy by Barlaam of Calabria.
Gregory PalamasHierotheos (Vlachos)Orthodox ChurchByzantine Rite

Question 3: Pope ________ repeatedly emphasized his respect for Eastern theology as an enrichment for the whole Church.
Pope Paul VIPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Pius XI

Question 4: ________, The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church, SVS Press, 1997.
Vladimir LosskyGeorges FlorovskyJohn MeyendorffNikolai Lossky

Question 5: Roman Catholicism in recent years has become more open towards ideas of ________.
Orthodox ChurchByzantine RiteTheoriaHesychasm

Question 6: "Tabor Light" was also used in the popular press of 1938 in reference to a mysterious light seen around a cemetery near Tábor, Bohemia, and a similar phenomenon observed in ________, Canada.
AlbertaManitobaBritish ColumbiaSaskatchewan

Question 7: the ________[1] a purported descendant of which is kept at the St Catherine's Monastery on the Sinai Peninsular.
Burning bushAbrahamMosesTen Commandments


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