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Question 1: The fourth minor fast, observed on the day preceding ________, is the Fast of Esther, Ta'anit Esther, in commemoration of Esther and the Jewish community of Shushan having fasted before she approached the king unbidden.
HanukkahJewish holidayPassoverPurim

Question 2: Additionally, Jewish custom requires firstborn males to observe the day preceding Passover as the ________, Ta'anit Bechorot.
Pesach SheniMimounaFast of the FirstbornPassover Seder

Question 3: A break fast (two words) is a meal that takes places following a ________.
FastingLiturgical yearJesusEaster

Question 4: This is the only fast day mentioned in the ________ (Leviticus 23:26-32).

Question 5: A ta'anit or taanis (in Ashkenaz pronunciation) is a fast in ________.
SamaritanIslam and JudaismKabbalahJudaism

Question 6: Since the ________ slows down during fasting, heavy foods such as meat are liable to cause indigestion.
Immune systemDigestionStomachEndocrine system

Question 7: The most well-known and well-observed fast is the fast of ________, the Day of Atonement.
Jewish holidayShabbatYom KippurJewish services


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