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T cell receptor: Quiz


Question 1: Processes for TCR formation are similar to those described for ________ antigen receptors, otherwise known as immunoglobulins.
Plasma cellB cellT helper cellAdaptive immune system

Question 2: CDR4 of the β-chain is not thought to participate in antigen recognition, but has been shown to interact with ________.
Pore-forming toxinSuperantigenExotoxinEndotoxin

Question 3: The TCR alpha chain is generated by VJ recombination, whereas the beta chain is generated by ________ (both involve a somewhat random joining of gene segments to generate the complete TCR chain).
V(D)J recombinationAntibodyImmune systemB cell

Question 4: The T cell receptor or TCR is a molecule found on the surface of ________ (or T cells) that is, in general, responsible for recognizing antigens bound to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules.
T helper cellRegulatory T cellT cellCytotoxic T cell

Question 5: It is the unique combination of the segments at this region, along with ________ and random N- and P- nucleotide additions, which accounts for the great diversity in specificity of the T cell receptor for processed antigen.


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