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T cell: Quiz


Question 1: The ITAM motifs on the CD3ζ can be phosphorylated by ________ and in turn recruit ZAP-70.
Insulin receptorSrc (gene)CD117Lck

Question 2: [3] The earliest ________ express neither CD4 nor CD8, and are therefore classed as double-negative (CD4-CD8-) cells.
Adaptive immune systemHaematopoiesisThymocyteImmune system

Question 3: ________ (Treg cells), formerly known as suppressor T cells, are crucial for the maintenance of immunological tolerance.
Regulatory T cellCytotoxic T cellT helper cellThymocyte

Question 4: The partner cell is usually a professional antigen presenting cell (APC), usually a ________ in the case of naïve responses, although B cells and macrophages can be important APCs.
Eosinophil granulocyteWhite blood cellMicrogliaDendritic cell

Question 5: All T cells originate from haematopoietic stem cells in the ________.
Immune systemHematopoietic stem cellBone marrowLymphatic system

Question 6: Helper T cells become activated when they are presented with peptide ________ by MHC class II molecules that are expressed on the surface of Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs).
Polyclonal B cell responseAntigenPhagocyteImmune system

Question 7: Natural killer T cells (NKT cells) are a special kind of lymphocyte that bridges the ________ with the innate immune system.
HaematopoiesisThymocyteLymphopoiesisAdaptive immune system

Question 8: This process does not remove thymocytes that may cause ________.
AutoimmunityAutoimmune diseaseCell-mediated immunityHypersensitivity

Question 9: Because of this, the thymocytes with no affinity die by ________ and are engulfed by macrophages.
Apoptosis-inducing factorApoptosisTranscription factorSignal transduction

Question 10: IP3 is released from the membrane by PLCγ and diffuses rapidly to activate receptors on the ER, which induce the release of ________.


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