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TV Week: Quiz


Question 1: In 1958, the title was shortened to TV WEEK and circulation expanded to ________, then the only other TV market in Australia.
MelbourneStadium AustraliaBrisbaneSydney

Question 2: ________ and Panda Lisner from GTV's In Melbourne Tonight were voted Melbourne's most popular TV personalities.
Don LaneGraham KennedyBert NewtonDaryl Somers

Question 3: Kennedy then named the awards the Logies, after the inventor of the first working television system, ________.
GlasgowJohn Logie BairdColor televisionPhilo Farnsworth

Question 4: TV WEEK is a weekly television magazine in Australia, first published as a Melbourne-only publication in ________ (as TV-Radio WEEK), and bearing a strong affiliation to television station GTV.


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