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TRS-80 Color Computer: Quiz


Question 1: It included a SCSI interface, stereo A/D and D/A conversion, an optional ________ interface, and (later) an optional board to upgrade the CPU to a Motorola 68340 running at up to 25 MHz.
Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceUniversal Serial BusEIA-422Bus (computing)

Question 2: Unlike some Z80 models, the CoCo did not come with a built-in ________.
Floppy diskUSB flash driveHard disk driveFile Allocation Table

Question 3: The TRS-80 Color Computer started out as a joint venture between Tandy Corporation of ________ and Motorola Semiconductor, Inc.
Austin, TexasFort Worth, TexasDallasDenton, Texas

Question 4: This controller added the "DOS" command which was used to boot the ________ operating system by Microware.

Question 5: Each Spring, the Glenside CoCo Club in the ________ area hosts an annual CoCoFest gathering.
Burr Ridge, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisChicagoElmhurst, Illinois

Question 6: This terminal would connect to a phone line and an ordinary ________ and allow the user access to near real-time information useful to their day-to-day operations on the farm.
Color televisionUnited StatesUnited KingdomPAL

Question 7: The ________ TRS-80 Color Computer (also called Tandy Color Computer, or CoCo) was a home computer launched in 1980.
RadioShackTandy CorporationThe Source (retailer)Bell Canada

Question 8: Frank Hogg Labs introduced the Tomcat TC-9 in June 1990, which was somewhat compatible with the CoCo 3, but was mostly only able to run ________ software.

Question 9: Despite the name, the "Color Computer" was a radical departure from earlier TRS-80 Models - in particular it had a ________E processor, rather than the TRS-80's Zilog Z80.
Motorola 68000Motorola 68000 familyMotorola 6800Motorola 6809

Question 10: Other recent hardware releases include a SuperIDE from Cloud-9, which enables using modern drives on the CoCo, including ________ cards, and a bluetooth serial pack.
MicrodriveCompactFlashSecure DigitalUSB flash drive


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