TRS-80: Quiz

Question 1:
When was TRS-80 discontinued?

Question 2: The Model 16 added a 6 MHz, 16-bit ________ processor and memory card, keeping the original Z-80 as an I/O processor.
Motorola 68000PowerPCMotorola 68000 familyMotorola 6809

Question 3:

Question 4: Two versions of the ________ programming language were produced for the Model I.
Visual Basic .NETBASICAtari BASICVisual Basic

Question 5: RM-COBOL, Basic, and C were available for programming, with Unify and ________ offered as relational databases.

Question 6: To use the Model I with a disk operating system, one had to buy the Expansion Interface, which included a single density ________ interface.
Hard disk driveUSB flash driveFloppy diskFile Allocation Table

Question 7: The only error messages were: "WHAT?" for syntax errors, "HOW?" for arithmetic errors such as ________, and "SORRY" for out of memory errors.
AlgebraInfinity0 (number)Division by zero

Question 8:
When was TRS-80 released?

Question 9: The successor to the Model III was the Model 4 (April 1983, with "4" written as an ________), which included the capability to run CP/M.
Arabic numeralsEastern Arabic numeralsArabic languageAbjad numerals

Question 10: TRS-80 at the ________
Life (magazine)Time WarnerOpen Directory ProjectJim Barksdale

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