TEENick (block): Quiz

Question 1: ________ (2003-2004)
My Life as a Teenage RobotDougAaahh!!! Real MonstersAs Told by Ginger

Question 2: The teen-oriented programming block took the position of ________, which started in 1992.
Nick Jr. (block)SNICKNickelodeon (TV channel)Nick Jr. on CBS

Question 3: It was originally hosted by ________ and then by J Boogie.
Brandy NorwoodRegis PhilbinBianca RyanNick Cannon

Question 4: TEENick was a television block aired on Nickelodeon that was launched in 2000, and owned by ________'s MTV Networks.
SKY Latin AmericaVTR ChileViacomMulti-Choice TV (Barbados)

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/TEENick_(block))