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TCP and UDP port: Quiz


Question 1: A specific port is identified by its number, commonly known as the port number, the ________ it is associated with, and the protocol used for communication.
IPv4IP addressClassless Inter-Domain RoutingIPv6

Question 2: Because different services commonly listen on different port numbers, the practice of attempting to connect in sequence to a wide range of services on a single computer is commonly known as ________.
Computer securityFirewall (computing)Hacker (computer security)Port scanner

Question 3: Applications implementing common services will normally listen on ports using specific port numbers defined by convention for use with the given protocol — see ________.
Internet Relay ChatList of TCP and UDP port numbersSecure ShellFile Transfer Protocol

Question 4: In many ________ operating systems only processes owned by the superuser can create ports with numbers from 0 to 1023.
Unix-likeGNULinuxMac OS X

Question 5: Transport Layer protocols, such as TCP, UDP, ________, and DCCP, specify a source and destination port number in their packet headers.
Transmission Control ProtocolStream Control Transmission ProtocolIPsecIPv6

Question 6: 445: microsoft-ds, ________ over TCP
Internet Relay ChatSecure ShellHTTP SecureServer Message Block

Question 7: 443: HTTP over Transport Layer Security/________
IPsecInternet Relay ChatSecure ShellTransport Layer Security


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