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Question 1: The sound of the Doctor's TARDIS featured in the final scene of the ________ episode "End of Days".
K-9 and CompanyThe Sarah Jane AdventuresDoctor WhoTorchwood

Question 2: To keep the design within budget,[7] it was decided to make it resemble a ________.
Police boxUnited KingdomTARDISWashington, D.C.

Question 3: In "Blink", the Tardis was 'pre-programmed' to travel to a specific time (1969) and place by inserting a ________ into the console.
LaserdiscBlu-ray DiscHD DVDDVD

Question 4: "________" revealed that the cupboard could be opened and the telephone accessed from the exterior, but that this device is non-functional because it is not connected to any telephone lines.
The Doctor DancesThe Empty ChildBad WolfBoom Town (Doctor Who)

Question 5: In a sketch on Robot Chicken, a young, nerdy character (used in various sketches) is holding a model of the TARDIS and a fourth Doctor doll, and is explaining the TARDIS acronym, when he is interrupted by Ogre from ________
Gotcha! (1985 film)Revenge of the NerdsTough Guys (1986 film)National Lampoon's Adam & Eve

Question 6: In ________, the Doctor is unable to understand the Aboriginal dialect spoken by a tribesman and the Doctor's companion Tegan.
Black Orchid (Doctor Who)The Visitation (Doctor Who)EarthshockFour to Doomsday

Question 7: Furthermore, in Frontios (1984), the ________ believes the TARDIS to have been destroyed in a meteorite bombardment, apparently contradicting the earlier claim of indestructibility.
Fifth DoctorNyssa (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)Zagreus (audio drama)

Question 8: In ________, Time Lord Drax has a TARDIS, but it is in need of repair.
Doctor (Doctor Who)The Ribos OperationCompanion (Doctor Who)The Armageddon Factor

Question 9: In the serial ________, the Time Lords manage to breach the inside of the TARDIS while in mid flight and landing in order to erect something similar to a forcefield.
Companion (Doctor Who)The War GamesDoctor (Doctor Who)The Five Doctors

Question 10: It makes a full appearance in "________".
The Wedding of Sarah Jane SmithThe Mad Woman in the AtticJourney's End (Doctor Who)The Sarah Jane Adventures

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