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T-84: Quiz


Question 1: The Oplot tank features a new welded turret with separate crew and ammunition compartments with blowout panels on the ammunition compartment, a new bustle-mounted ________.
M1 AbramsAutoloaderT-72Leopard 2

Question 2: The T-84 is the latest Ukrainian development of the T-80 series, designed by KMDB in ________ (while the Russian T-90 is an advanced version of the T-72BM, with some T-80 features).
KharkivKievKharkiv OblastLviv

Question 3: The T-84 is a Ukrainian main battle tank, a development of the ________ T-80 main battle tank.
RussiaSoviet UnionEast GermanyJoseph Stalin

Question 4: It was first built in 1994 and entered service in the ________ in 1999.
Ukrainian Ground ForcesMilitary of UkraineUkrainian Air ForceUkraine

Question 5: A main design objective was to make Ukraine's arms industry independent of Russia's, after resulting difficulties in fulfilling a contract to supply T-80UD tanks to ________.

Question 6: Its high-performance engine makes it one of the fastest existing MBTs in the world, with a power-to-weight ratio of about 26 ________ per tonne (19 kW/t).
HorsepowerFuel oilISO/IEC 646Shoe size


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