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T-72: Quiz


Question 1: 1988–1994 ________ (Armenia and Azerbaijan)
Operation GoranboyNagorno-Karabakh Republic2008 Mardakert skirmishesNagorno-Karabakh War

Question 2:

Question 3:
What engine does the T-72 use?
V-12 diesel
HYBRID Engine 2.5
4.7L, V8
diesel engines:

Question 4:
What type is thing is T-72?
Box set
Main battle tank

Question 5: At least some technical documentation on the T-72 is known to have been passed to the ________ by the Polish Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski between 1971 and 1982.
Cold WarNational Security AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 6: 1991–2001 ________ (Yugoslavia)
Operation StormBosnian WarYugoslav WarsSrebrenica massacre

Question 7:
How long is T-72?
gun forward

Question 8: 1979–1989 ________ (employed by the Soviet Union)
Sino-Soviet border conflictKorean WarVietnam WarSoviet war in Afghanistan

Question 9: The inside of both hull and turret is lined with a synthetic fabric made of ________ compound, meant to reduce the penetrating radiation from neutron bomb explosions.

Question 10: This set-up requires the near-constant use of both hands, which complicates employment of the seven speed ________.
Automatic transmissionTransmission (mechanics)Manual transmissionSemi-automatic transmission

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