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Systemic lupus erythematosus: Quiz


Question 1: Overall live-birth was 72.7%; the most common causes of pregnancy loss were ________ (miscarriage) and fetal death in utero.
Hydatidiform moleMiscarriageEctopic pregnancyBreech birth

Question 2: The term lupus is attributed to 12th-century ________ Rogerius, who used it to describe the classic malar rash.
MedicineMedical schoolPediatricsPhysician

Question 3: [20] Other common neuropsychiatric manifestation of SLE include cognitive dysfunction, mood disorder, cerebrovascular disease,[19] seizures, polyneuropathy,[19] ________, and psychosis.
Major depressive disorderAnxiety disorderSocial anxiety disorderGeneralized anxiety disorder

Question 4: ________, British politician who died of SLE complications in 1963 aged 56.
Gordon BrownJames CallaghanClement AttleeHugh Gaitskell

Question 5: Sex hormones such as ________ play an important role in the occurrence of SLE and it is observed that during reproductive years, the frequency of SLE is 10 times greater in females than in males.

Question 6: SLE is treatable through addressing its symptoms, mainly with ________ and immunosuppressants; there is currently no cure.
MineralocorticoidGlucocorticoidSex steroidCorticosteroid

Question 7: Another autoantibody finding in SLE is the anticardiolipin antibody, which can cause a false positive test for ________.
Herpes simplexMolluscum contagiosumErythema chronicum migransSyphilis

Question 8: There are about 400 medications that can cause this condition, the most common of which are procainamide, hydralazine, quinidine, and ________.

Question 9: Most of the monocytes and tingible body macrophages (TBM), which are found in the germinal centres of ________, even show a definitely different morphology; they are smaller or scarce and die earlier.
Lymphatic systemLymph nodeImmune systemSpleen

Question 10: It is suggested that there might be an association between rheumatoid arthritis and SLE,[10] and that SLE is associated with an increased risk of ________ in relatively young women.
Bone fractureColles' fractureHip fractureDistal radius fracture

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