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Question 1: In ________, System File Checker was replaced with System File Protection (SFP).
Windows MeWindows 9xMicrosoft WindowsWindows Vista

Question 2: System File Checker was first introduced on ________ as a GUI utility.
Windows 2000Windows 95Windows MeWindows 98

Question 3: All Windows NT-based operating systems since ________ introduced real-time file protection, called Windows File Protection (WFP).
Microsoft WindowsWindows 2000Windows Server 2008Windows Vista

Question 4: In ________ and Windows 7, System File Checker is integrated with Windows Resource Protection, which protects registry keys and folders as well as critical system files.
Windows VistaWinFSWindows XPMicrosoft Windows

Question 5: It determined system files by file extension and ________.
FilenameShell (computing)Path (computing)File system

Question 6: System File Checker is a utility in ________ that allows users to scan for and restore corruptions in Windows system files.
Microsoft WindowsInternet ExplorerDirectXInternet Information Services

Question 7: This utility is available on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and ________.
Windows Server 2003Microsoft WindowsWindows Server 2008Windows Vista

Question 8: ________, although in the Windows NT family of operating systems, scans files using Windows Resource Protection.
Windows XPMicrosoft WindowsWindows VistaWinFS


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