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Question 1: In 1850, the German physicist ________ generalized this picture to include the concept of the surroundings and began to use the term "working body" when referring to the system.
EntropyThermodynamicsRudolf ClausiusEnergy

Question 2: Significant development to the concept of a system was done by ________ and Ross Ashby who pioneered the use of mathematics to study systems [2][3].
Kurt GödelGeorge DantzigClaude ShannonNorbert Wiener

Question 3: The model was used effectively by Air Force planners in the ________.
2006 Lebanon WarYom Kippur WarSix-Day WarGulf War

Question 4: The scientific research field which is engaged in the study of the general properties of systems include systems theory, cybernetics, dynamical systems and ________.
SociologyComplex adaptive systemComplex systemsChaos theory

Question 5: In the 19th century the first to develop the concept of a "system" in the natural sciences was the French physicist Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot who studied ________.
ThermodynamicsThermodynamic equationsStatistical mechanicsEntropy

Question 6: It addresses the problems of ________, like the allocation and scarcity of resources.
MoneyKeynesian economicsHeterodox economicsEconomics

Question 7:
System, Schizophrenia and Psychology are all:
Systems Systems theory Greek loanwords Systems science

Question 8: The theorist explains that natural systems include sub-atomic systems, living systems, the ________, the galactic system and the Universe.
SunEarthPlanetSolar System

Question 9: In 1988, military strategist, ________ introduced his Five Ring System model in his book, The Air Campaign contending that any complex system could be broken down into five concentric rings.
John A. Warden IIIUnited States Military AcademyNorman Schwarzkopf, Jr.Colin Powell

Question 10: ________ is a style of thinking/reasoning and problem solving.
Systems theorySystems thinkingSystems scienceSystems engineering

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