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Syro-Malabar Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: [citation needed] The Christians they found were ________.
Saint Thomas ChristiansCoonan Cross OathSyrian Malabar NasraniEastern Christianity

Question 2: Thomas Evangelical Church
Syro-Malabar Catholic Church
Francis XavierMaronite ChurchSyriac Catholic ChurchSyro-Malankara Catholic Church

Question 3: From early centuries the Church of ________ came into communication with the Christian communities that came to be known as East Syrian Church.
Eastern ChristianitySyrian Malabar NasraniCoonan Cross OathSaint Thomas Christians

Question 4: It is one of the 22 sui iuris Eastern Catholic Churches in the ________.
PopePope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

Question 5: After preaching and establishing Christian communities in different parts of India, he suffered martyrdom at ________ in 72 A.D.
Portuguese EmpireDioceses of Saint Thomas of MylaporeGoaKollam

Question 6: ________ of Martha Mariam-Commemorated on 8 December
Roman Catholic MariologyIneffabilis DeusImmaculate ConceptionBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)

Question 7: [1] It is also the second largest Eastern Catholic Church in communion with the ________.
Pope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPopeHistory of the Catholic Church

Question 8: This was the choice of the Malabar prelates, who chose it over the ________ and West Syrian Rite pontificals.
Maronite ChurchEast Syrian RiteSyro-Malabar Catholic ChurchChaldean Catholic Church

Question 9: Nasrani
Saint Thomas Christians
Malankara Church
Holy Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas
Coonan Cross Oath
Synod of Diamper
Ancient Crosses of IndiaSyro-Malabar Catholic ChurchMar Thoma ChurchSyrian Malabar Nasrani

Question 10: Syro Malabar Church has its own ________.
Byzantine calendarHebrew calendarEasterLiturgical year

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